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Welcome to the Official Grand Army of the Republic/Rhode Island Civil War Veterans Research Home Page of ELISHA DYER CAMP No.7, Rhode Island Department, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Inc. (RI SUVCW).   Here you will find our most up to date listings of R.I. servicemen who participated in the Great War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1866.

Note: All listings currently under construction.   Periodically additional data will be included, changed or deleted as new information is updated and verified.   Research References: 1893 Adjutant General's Report by Elisha Dyer; the R.I. Dept. GAR Encampment Proceedings (and Necrology Reports) 1867 to 1941; the Memoirs of R.I. Officers, 1867; the Descriptive Books of the R.I. Dept. GAR and SUVCW, 1866 to 1941; the R.I. State Archives Civil War Enlistment Data; and the Annual Reports of the State Board of Soldiers’ Relief as prescribed under Chapter 88, Generals Laws of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations to the Rhode Island General Assembly December 30, 1905.

This Home Page is dedicated to the memory of the great patriots who served the State of Rhode Island and the American Federal Government in the late War of the Rebellion of Southern States, April 14,1861 to August 20, 1866, honored by the Officers and members of Elisha Dyer Camp No.7, R.I. Department Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Inc.

NOTE: We have provided the following descriptions and abbreviations to assist you with your research: R.I.V.I.=Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry; R.I.D.M= Rhode Island Detached Militia-90 day enlistments, 1861; R.I.V.C.= Rhode Island Volunteer Cavalry; R.I.L.A.=Rhode Island Light Artillery; R.I.H.A.=Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (also listed Hvy Arty); V.R.C.=Veterans Reserve Corps; Trp.= Troop; USCT=United States Colored Troops; Btry.= Battery; Co. (s)= Company(S) ; MOLLUS= Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States; RIGAR= Rhode Island Department Grand Army of the Republic; R.I.V.H.=Rhode Island Old Soldiers (Veterans) Home in Bristol; SV=Sons of Veterans United Sates of America or SUVCW= Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; SVR= Sons of Veterans Reserve; Crpl.= Corporal; Pvt.= Private; Sgt.= Sergeant; Col.= Colonel; B/G= Brigadier General; M/G= Major General; Lt.= Lieutenant; Smn.= Seaman; Cpt.=Captain; Cmdr=Commander; Vets= Veterans; Gov.=Governor; Muscn. (or Mus)=Musician; Drmr.=Drummer; (Sub)=Substitute-served for bounty; Brig.=US Army Brigade; Div.=US Army Division; Corp=US Army Corps; USV= United States Volunteers; USR= United States Regulars (Federal US military service-not State Volunteer service); USN= United States Navy (Federal); USS=United States Ship of the Line; R.I.V.I.=Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry, R.I.V.C.=Rhode Island Volunteer Cavalry, R.I.V.L.A.=Rhode Island Volunteer Light Artillery, R.I.V.H.A.=Rhode Island Volunteer Heavy Artillery, RIM= Rhode Island Militia; RIDM= Rhode Island Detached Militia; S=Headquarters Staff; RIHG or hosp.=RI Hospital Guards; and USRC=United State Revenue Corps (Coast Guard).

ALSO NOTE: Pvt=Private, Cpl=Corporal, Sgt=Sergeant, LT or Lieut=1st and 2nd Lieutenant, Cpt=Captain, Mjr=Major, Lt Col=Lieutenant Colonel, Col=Colonel, Brig Gen=Brigadier General, Mjr Gen=Major General, Lt Gen=Lieutenant General, Atfcr=Artificer, Wgnr=Wagoner, Tmstr=Teamster, Gnr=Gunner, ChfoP=Chief of the Piece, SctnChf=Gunnery Section Chief, Smn=Seaman, Eng=Engineer, Ensn=Ensign, Cmdr=Commander, Cmodr=Commodore, Vadml=Vice Admiral, Adml=Admiral.   Union or US Army units of the Civil War are organized in the following manner: Infantry—Infantrymen, Color Guards, Infantry Company, Infantry Regiment (at various times during the war Union infantry regiments usually ranged between 200 to about 1200 men), Brigade, Division (usually 3 to 5 Brigades) , US Army Corps (usually 3 to 5 Divisions), US Army of Operation or Theater; the US Navy was generally organized sailors then into sections, ships compliments, squadrons, flotillas, and fleets (numbers of ships in a fleet varied) .   Light or field artillery units were organized as Artillerymen, then attached to the Gun or piece (men on the gun and limber=a gun detachment & all the men on the gun, gun limber, caisson and limber all serving one gun=a gun platoon), Gun Sections (2 full gun platoons), Batteries (3 to 4 sections = a battery), Artillery Regiments (=6 to 10 batteries), and Artillery Brigades (also= 6 to 10 batteries but batteries were often attached to army Divisions separately from their regiments to form an Infantry Division’s Artillery Brigade).   Light or field Artillery units were considered mounted services, however Cavalry had its own field artillery units called “Horse Artillery”.   Cavalry units were organized as a “Trooper” or Cavalryman—(a single rider), trp=Troop, Column (usually Troops A&B =1st Column, Troops C&D= 2nd Column and Troops E and so on = 3rd Column—(3rd Column was usually the guard of horse artillery, packs & supplies), Squadron (generally 2 Columns of regiments), Cavalry Regiment (3 or more columns of Troops= a full Cavalry Regiment), then Mounted Brigades (number of regiments of a Mounted Brigade varied and sometimes companies of infantry were converted to mounted services as Mounted Infantry in the Cavalry), and Cavalry Divisions (number of Brigades of a Cavalry Division varied).  Types of Cavalry units were Light Cavalry, Dragoons and Lancers) .  Most Cavalry units of the Union Army were converted to Light Cavalry by mid-war.  Heavy Artillery units were organized as Companies (not Batteries) because Heavy Artillery units were much larger units than Light Artillery units, and sometimes Heavy Artillery units were used as infantry, plus Heavy Artillery units often had Light Artillery support Batteries attached or within their regiment.   The size of US Army Staffs, Quartermaster and Commissary units varied as well as field supply units.   Engineers and signal units were organized as Corps however their sizes varied and were not the same as a normal US Army Corps.   US Marine units were generally attached to US Naval war and support ships or detailed to guard Naval facilities in port.  In some cases US Marine units were included in Union Army amphibious assaults on fortifications.

The soldiers of the following list are designated according to their service as prescribed during the Civil War.   You may need to refer to these explanations to better understand exactly how the Veteran served in the military during the war.   If you are conducting genealogy research or general research you may want to include the correct terminology with the Veteran’s profile.   Once you have a good profile of the Veteran, then you can easily look up the history of the Veteran’s unit to know what battles, operations and campaigns the Veteran was involved, or you can contact the National Archives and order a copy of the Veteran’s Service record and copies of the Veteran’s Pension records.

~ A ~

Abbey, Edwin F., 3rd R.I. Heavy Artillery, Cos. C/D&A, R.I.GAR Post# , Providence, lived R.I. Vets. Home Jan.8,1903-Jan.1,1905, age 60, Buried , died

Abbott, Abrial J.W., 4th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co. H,

Abbott, Albert H., 2nd R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.A,

Abbott, Chester C., 11th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.D,

Abbott, George H., 9th R.I.V.I., Sgt., Co.K,

Abbott, George H., 7th R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.B,

Abbott, George H., 1st R.I.D.M., Crpl., Co.B,

Abbott, Henry, (Sub) 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co.B,

Abbott, James A., 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co. F&3rd R.I.H.A., Co.C, Pvt., Providence, R.I.GAR Post#1, Buried , died

Abbott, John P., 9th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.I,

Abbott, John P., 12th R.I.V.I., Cpt., Co. D,

Abbott, Spaulding H., 26th MA. V.I., Cos. K&B, 253 Westminster St., Providence, R.I.GAR Post#1, Buried , died

Abbott, Thomas J. Jr., 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co. A,

Abbott, William A., 7th R.I.V.I., Muscn, Co.K,

Abbott, William A., 1st R.I.D.M., Drmr, Co.H,

Abbott, Willis A., 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co.B,

Aborn, Edward, 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt. Co.D,

Aborn, Edward, 10th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.D,

Aborn, James, 2nd R.I.V.I., 1st Lt.(Reg.Q.M.),

Aborn, Joseph R., 5th R.I. Hvy. Arty., Co.C, R.I.GAR Post# , Cranston, R.I. Vets Home Oct.17,1905, Buried , died

Aborn, William W., 2nd R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.D,

Abel, John H., 3rd R.I.V.C., Trp. ,

Achison, George Jr., 12th R.I.V.I., 1st Sgt., Co.A

Achison, James, 12th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.A,

Achison, William, 12th R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.A,

Ackerman, George, 7th R.I.V.I.

Ackley, William, 2nd R.I.V.C., Trp ,

Ackley, William H., 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co.K,

Adams, Albert J., 9th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.I

Adams, Benjamin B., 2nd R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.E,

Adams, J. Bradley, 10th R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.K,

Adams, Charles, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Adams, Charles E., 9th R.I.V.I., Sgt., Co.H,

Adams, Daniel, 2nd R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.C,

Adams, Charles S., (Substitute)

Adams, Edward, 5th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Adams, Frederick P., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Adams, George H., 11th R.I.V.I.

Adams, George L., Veteran Reserve Corp

Adams, George M., 10th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.G,

Adams, George W., 10th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.D,

Adams, George W., 11th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.I,

Adams, George W., 1st R.I.Light Arty., Battery G, Lt./Cpt./Col., R.I.GAR Post# , Buried , died

Adams, Henry, 4th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.D,

Adams, Hiram, 2nd R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.I,

Adams, James B., 11th&12th R.I.V.I., Sgt., Co.G

Adams, John H., 4th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.K

Adams, John, 1sr R.I. Cavalry, Trp. A, Pvt., R.I.GAR Post# , Buried , Newport, (enlisted-discharged?),

Admitted to R.I.Vets. Home Aug. 29,1894, died

Adams, Joseph A., 12th R.I.V.I., Crpl., Co.K,

Adams, Jule, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Adams, Lubin G., 7th R.I.V.I.

Adams, Sabine G., 7th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.C

Adams, Samual B., 11th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.C,

Adams, Sanford B., 7th R.I.V.I.

Adams, Thomas G., 7th R.I.V.I.

Adams, Thomas J., 7th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.I,

Adams, William E., 1st R.I.D.M., Pvt., Co.B,

Adams, Willaim F., 2nd R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.H,

Adams, William T., 2nd R.I.V.I.

Addeman, Jashua M., 10th R.I.V.I., Pvt., Co.B, 14th R.I. Hvy Arty., Co. B, 12 Courtland St., Providence, R.I.GAR Post#1, Buried , died

Addington, Henry, Veteran Reserve Corp

Again, Michael, 2nd R.I.V.I., (see Eagan)

Agers, John, 2nd R.I.V.I., (see Egars)

Agin, Patrick, 11th R.I.V.I.

Aigin, James, Hospital Guard Corp, Pvt.,

Ainsworth, William P., 1st R.I. Cavalry, Cpt., R.I. GAR Post# , Buried , died

Ahmuty, James, 51st MAV.I., Co.K, Pvt., Suncook, R.I., R.I.GAR Post#1,

Albert, Charles H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Albro, Benjamin, 7th R.I.V.I.

Albro, Benjamin, 12th R.I.V.I.

Albro, Edmond B., 7th R.I.V.I.

Albro, George B., 7th R.I.V.I.

Albro, George T., 12th R.I.V.I.

Albro, Wanton, 7th R.I.V.I.

Alden, Charles 2nd R.I.V.I.

Aldenhost, Charles, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Aldenkircher, William, (?)

Aldrich, Charles W., 7th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Edgar E., 3rd R.I. Cavalry, Trp. B, R.I. GAR Post# , Providence, admitted R.I. Vets Home Dec.15,1905, Buried , died

Aldrich, George, 11th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, James L., 11th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Joseph W., 12th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Moses B., 12th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Nathan E., 7th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Olin S., 11th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Stephen E., 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Aldrich, Thomas, 11th R.I.V.I.

Aldrich, Thomas M., First Army Corps

Alexander, Alanson, 11th R.I.V.I.

Alexander, Christopher H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Alexander, George H., 11th R.I.V.I.

Alexander, Hartford, 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Ambrose L., 12th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Anderson, 11th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Andrew, 14th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Allen, Andrew, 3rd R.I. Heavy Artillery

Allen, Antone, Hospital Guard Corp

Allen, Benager S., 12th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Charles, 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Allen, Crawford, Jr., 1st R.I. Light Arty. Btry G, Lt., Btry. H, Cpt./Col., R.I. GAR Post# , Buried , died

Allen, Daniel R., 11th R.I.V.I.

Allen, David, 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Edward, 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Edward T., 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Edwin R., 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, George H., 4th R.I.V.I.

Allen, George H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Allen, George W., Enlisted-No Further Record

Allen, Henry A., 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Allen, James, 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, James H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Allen, John, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Allen, John, 7th R.I.V.I.

Allen, Joseph, 2nd Vermont Vol. Infantry

Allen, Russell W., 4th R.I.V.I.

Allen, William, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Allen, William, 5th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Allen, William, 11th R.I.V.I.

Allyn, James, 4th R.I.V.I.

Almy, George C., 12th R.I.V.I.

Alonzo, Frank, Substitute

Ambruster, Adolphus, 12th R.I.V.I.

Ameden, Jeremiah, Hospital Guard Corp

Ames, Willaim, 2nd R.I.D.M., Lt., 2nd R.I.V.I., Cpt., 3rd R.I. Heavt Arty., Mjr./Col., after Apt’d Brig. Gen., R.I.GAR Post# , Buried , died

Amesbury, Samuel J., 11th R.I.V.I.

Amos, William, Substitute

Anderson, Archabale, 3rd R.I. Heavy Artillery

Anderson, David, 12th R.I.V.I.

Anderson, George, 1st R.I. Cavalry

Anderson, James 1st&12th R.I.V.I.

Anderson, James, 2nd&12th R.I.V.I.

Anderson, John, Substitute

Anderson, John R. 11th R.I.V.I.

Anderson, Louis, 5th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Anderson, Thomas, Substitute

Andrew, George A., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Andrew, Thomas, 7th R.I.V.I.

Andrew, Thomas # 2, 7th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, Albert A., 7th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, Alonzo V., 3rd R.I. Cavalry

Andrews, Charles H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, James H., 4th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, Jeremiah, 12th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, John F., 12th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, William, 11th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, William A., 12th R.I.V.I.

Andrews, William R., 3rd R.I. Heavy Artillery

Angell, Alfred, 12th R.I.V.I.

Angell, Charles H., First Army Corps

Angell, Frederic F.H., 11th R.I.V.I.

Angell, George J., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Angell, Henry S., 11th R.I.V.I.

Angell, Horace L., 11th R.I.V.I.

Angell, John V., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Angell, Sayles H., 2nd R.I.V.I.

Angels, John, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Annis, Jesse L., 4th R.I.VI.

Anthony, Edward jr., 7th R.I.V.I.

Anthony, George R., 12th R.I.V.I.

Anthony, Henry J., 11th R.I.V.I.

Antoine, Joseph, Substitute

Arbuckle, Thomas, 3rd R.I. Cavalry

Ardee, John, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Arden, Thomas, 12th R.I.V.I.

Arden, William, 12th R.I.V.I.

Arist, Charles, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Armington, Eliphalet I., 11th R.I.V.I.

Armington, Hervey B., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Armington, William W.

Armon, Samuel G., 5th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Armstrong, Charles H., 7th R.I.V.I.

Armstrong, Ezra M., 11th R.I.V.I., Co.F, R.I.GAR Post# , Buried , Prividence, admitted to R.I. Vets. Home Aug. 6, 1900, died

Armstrong, George, 2nd R.I. Cavalry

Armstrong, George A., 11th R.I.V.I.

Arnett, Henry, 12th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, William A., 1st R.I. Light Arty., Btry A, Cpt., R.I.GAR Post# , Buried , died

Arnold, Almond O., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Arnold, Barton, 12th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Charles, Substitute

Arnold, Christian, Substitute

Arnold, Daniel, 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Daniel # 2, 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Emory J., 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, George W., 12th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Henry A., 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Israel B., 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, James H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Joseph A., 3rd R.I. Heavy Artillery

Arnold, Joseph G., 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Lewis G. Jr., 12th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Orren S., 11th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Reuben, 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, Richard, 2nd U.S. Light Btry, Co.D., Cpt., 6th Corps Arty Chf., Col., Army of the Gulf, Arty. Chf., Brig. Gen., R.I. Dept. GAR Post # , Buried , died

Arnold, Thomas, First Army Corps

Arnold, William, 7th R.I.V.I.

Arnold, William H., 12th R.I.V.I.

Artist, Thomas W., 14th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Ashley, Joseph J., 11th R.I.V.I.

Ashton, Stephen, 12th R.I.V.I.

Ashworth, Noah A., 1st R.I. Cavalry

Ashworth, William, 7th R.I.V.I.

Asseln, Hermann, Substitute

Atkinson, Edward, 11th R.I.V.I.

Atkinson, John, 11th R.I.V.I.

Atwater, Edward W., 11th R.I.V.I.

Atwood, Henry G., 3rd R.I. Cavalry

Atwood, Thomas, 12th R.I.V.I.

Atwood, William, 11th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Benjamin K., 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Charles, 12th R.I.V.I.

Austin, George H., 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Austin, George W., 12th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Henry, 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Austin, James E., First Army Corps

Austin, James N., 5th R.I. Heavy Artillery

Austin, James N., 11th R.I.V.I.

Austin, James W., 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, John A., 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, John F., 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Joseph, 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Joseph O., 12th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Manton G., 7th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Stephen A., 11th R.I.V.I.

Austin, Stephen O., 12th R.I.V.I.

Ayer, William H., 11th R.I.V.I.

Aylsworth, Albert W., 7th R.I.V.I.

Aylsworth, John, 5th R.I. Hvy Arty., Co. D, Pvt., R.I.GAR Post# , Providence, Burried , admitted to R.I.Vets. Home May 14, 1897, died May 1905.

Ayres, Oliver L., 7th R.I.V.I.

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Notes About The Images Above:
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1st RI Civil War EXPO & Edwin Bearrs Lecture, George Sears Greene Memorial Day Ceremonies (2), 135th Gettysburg Re-enactment, Charlestown Parade, the Camp 7-Auxiliary 2-RI MOLLUS Meeting Room, Gettysburg Remembrance Day & Official Re-activation of the Battery A 1st Regiment RI Light Artillery Historic Guide-on and Unit approved by the RI Governor, the Newport Memorial Day Ceremony, and the Rededication of "Ames Field"-Governor Francis/Spring Green in Warwick.

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